All lands within the NDWA boundaries are covered by the 1981 Contract, which allows landowners to also record those assurances on their property via a Subcontract.  Click here to download acopy of subcontract and for more information on purpose of Subcontract and instructions.   NDWA will record the Subcontract with the County and mail back the original to you, send a copy to DWR, and keep a copy in the Agency's files (this process can take 4-6 weeks).


  • Have a Notary Public witness your signature and send this form with the Subcontract to NDWA.
  • Attach a legal description of the property that appears on your deed with the parcel number(s) as "Exhibit A."
  • Send your completed Subcontract, Exhibit A, and Notary form to  NDWA, c/o Cindy Tiffany, 910 K Street, Suite 310, Sacramento, CA, 95814.



The North Delta Water Agency and the CA Department of Water Resources (DWR) signed a contract in 1981 that assures a dependable water  supply of certain quality for water users in the north Delta.​  Click here for copy of contract.