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Proposition 218 requires any agency that proposes to levy a special assessment to identify all parcels that receive a special benefit from the property-related service being funded. For each identified parcel, the proportionate special benefit must be determined in relationship to the entire cost of the service. 

This means that NDWA landowners pay proportionately to the value of the benefit of the 1981 Contract.

NDWA's Engineer’s Report describes the lands that receive special benefits from the 1981 Contract, and defines and explains the special benefits these lands receive from continued operation and maintenance of the 1981 Contract, and from the Agency's activities to enforce, administer, and otherwise ensure the benefits of the 1981 Contract. The amount of the assessment is proportional to the special benefits conferred and is distributed based on the acreage of land that receives the 1981 Contract's water quality and water supply benefits.


The North Delta Water Agency Board of Directors sets the rates each year in June.  For most properties, the assessment is collected on the county property tax bill, however there are some properties that are billed directly by the Agency.