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​​​​​NDWA Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, December 7, 2022

9:30 a.m.
Hybrid Meeting in Person/ teleconference

3050 Beacon Blvd., Ste 203, West Sacramento, CA 


 Consistent with AB 361, this meeting will be conducted by teleconference. The public may attend the meeting remotely and offer public comments by Zoom or by telephone, using the call-in information provided below. The Board may utilize different call-in information for any Closed Session items. The call-in information for the Board and members of the public for this board meeting is as follows:

Web Meeting:

Meeting ID: 811 5722 3195
Passcode: 189928

Dial in Only:
833 548 0282 US Toll-free
877 853 5257 US Toll-free
888 475 4499 US Toll-free
833 548 0276 US Toll-free
Meeting ID: 811 5722 3195
Passcode: 189928

Any member of the public on the telephone may speak during the Public Comment Period, Agenda Item #12
, or may email public comments to and all comments will be read aloud during the meeting. During this period of modified Brown Act compliance, NDWA will use its best efforts to swiftly resolve requests for reasonable modifications or accommodations for individuals with disabilities, consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and will resolve any doubt whatsoever in favor of accessibility. 

*** Note: Action may be taken on any item listed on this agenda ***

 1. Call to Order
       Steve Mello, Chairman

2. Closed Session

     Board will meet in Closed Session with legal counsel to discuss the following items:
          i. Initiation of litigation pursuant to paragraph (4) of subdivision (d) of Government Code Section 54956.9 (two items).

3. Approval of Minutes
       Steve Mello, Chairman
     A. ACTION:  Approve October 5, 2022, Board Meeting.

4. Approval of Remote Meeting Resolution
       Steve Mello, Chairman
 A. ACTION:  Adopt Resolution Authorizing Extension of Remote Board Meetings.

 5. Financial Report
       Cindy Tiffany, Assistant Manager
     A.  Presentation of Financial Statements.

Exhibit A.pdf

Exhibit B.pdf

Exhibit C.pdf
Exhibit D.pdf

6. Manager Report
      Melinda Terry, Manager
     A. Report on Meetings, Presentations, and Correspondence: Summary of meeting with DWR Director Karla Nemeth; update on ad-hoc committees,               correspondence, and presentations.

Meeting Schedule 2023.pdf

 NDWA ltr to DWR remedy WQ violations 11 07 22 FINAL.pdf

 NDWA comment ltr FWA Complaint Response-Findings 11 08 22.pdf

     B. ACTION:  Consider Approving Resolution on Delta Conveyance Project.

7. Engineer Report
Anne Williams, MBK Engineers
    A. Water Quality and Hydrologic Conditions.
    B. Contract Exceedances – MBK Memorandums on Salinity Criteria Exceedances at Three Mile Slough Monitoring Station.
Memo re 2021 Contract Exceedances_2022-09-26.pdf

Memo re June 2022 Drought Emergency_2022-11-16.pdf

8. Drought Activities
     Kevin O’Brien, Downey Brand
 A. ACTION:  Consider Approving Investigation of Salinity Damage.
     B. Drought Barriers – Release of DWR Monitoring Plan for North Delta Drought Barriers, Update on Reimbursement MOU, and DWR Planning Activities.
     C. Special Claims Process – Update on DWR Implementation.

9. Legal Report
     Kevin O’Brien, Downey Brand
   A. Delta Conveyance Project – Preparation of Comments on Draft EIR.

 10. Delta Activities Report
Melinda Terry, Manager

     A. SWRCB/Delta Watermaster – Update on curtailments, Bay-Delta Plan, water use reporting, Summary Response to Friant Water Authority Complaint,           and other activities.
     B. Delta Conservancy – Update on Delta Drought Response Program and other activities.
     C. Delta Protection Commission (DPC) – Updates on National Heritage Area, DPAC, and other activities.
     D. Delta Stewardship Council (DSC) – Delta Levee Investment Strategy Rulemaking.

Delta Adapts Meeting Memo 10-14-22.pdf
     E. Delta Habitat Projects – Presentation by Derek Larson on status of the Little Egbert Multi-Benefit Project in Yolo Bypass, just upstream of Rio Vista.
     F. Delta Conveyance Project – Draft EIR Comment deadline is December 16, 2022.

 11. Announcements
     A. Dec 15/16 - DSC meeting, 715 P St., Sacramento, 9:00 am
     B. Dec 16 – Deadline to submit comment letter on Draft EIR for Delta Conveyance Project
     C. Jan 19 - DPC meeting, location TBD, 5:00 pm
     D. Feb 1 - NDWA Board Mtg, 3050 Beacon Blvd, Ste 203, W. Sacramento, 9:30 am

 12. Public Comment
13. Adjournment

December 7, 2022

NDWA Regular Board Meeting Agenda