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NDWA Special Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, December 1, 2021

9:30 a.m.
Remote meeting held via Teleconference 

Consistent with AB 361, this meeting will be conducted by teleconference. The public may attend the meeting remotely and offer public comments by Zoom or by telephone, using the call-in information provided below. The Board may utilize different call-in information for any Closed Session items. The call-in information for the Board and members of the public for this board meeting is as follows:

Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 841 6627 8336
Passcode: 619330

Dial In Only:

833 548 0276 US Toll-free
833 548 0282 US Toll-free
877 853 5257 US Toll-free
888 475 4499 US Toll-free

Meeting ID: 841 6627 8336

Passcode: 619330

Any member of the public on the telephone may speak during the Public Comment Period, Agenda Item #9, or may email public comments to and all comments will be read aloud during the meeting. During this period of modified Brown Act compliance, NDWA will use its best efforts to swiftly resolve requests for reasonable modifications or accommodations for individuals with disabilities, consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and will resolve any doubt whatsoever in favor of accessibility.

*** Note: Action may be taken on any item listed on this agenda ***

1. Call to Order
Steve Mello, Chair

2. Appointment of Directors
     A. Report County Appointments of Directors in Divisions 1, 3, and 5: Sacramento County – Div. 1, Steven Mello; Solano County – Div. 3, Henry N. Kuechler IV; and Yolo County – Div. 5, Thomas Slater.

     B. Administer Oath of Office to Directors Mello, Kuechler, and Slater.

 3. Approval of Minutes
     Steve Mello, Chair

     A. Approve November 10, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes.

4. Financial Report
Cindy Tiffany, Assistant Manager
     A. Present Financial statements

​          Exhibit A 11.23.21.pdf

          Exhibit B 11.23.21.pdf

          Exhibit C 11.23.21.pdf

          Exhibit D 11.23.21.pdf

     B. Update on Delinquent Assessments

          Delinquent Assessments.pdf

 5. Manager Report
 Melinda Terry, Manager
 A. Report on Meetings, Presentations, and Correspondence

          i. Approve Remote Meetings – ACTION: Approve Resolution Authorizing 30-day Extension of Modified Brown Act Requirements Allowing NDWA to                 Hold Remote Meetings

               2021-07_Remote Meeting Resolution _ Re-Ratify.pdf

         ii.  2022 Board Meetings – Distribute 2022 Calendar Dates

               Meeting Schedule 2022.pdf

          iii. Correspondence - Update on Letters Regarding Contract Payment, Barriers, Claims Process, Water Quality, and Assessment Reclassification Request.

 6. Engineer Report
     Gary Kienlen, MBK Engineers
     A. Water Quality - Review Hydrologic Conditions and Quality at Contract Monitoring Stations.

          Water Quality Plots/Reservoir Storage

     B. SWP Operations - Update on Weekly Coordination with DWR Staff.

7. Drought Activities Report
     Melinda Terry, Manager

     A. Drought Activities – Update on Any Changes in Curtailment Order, New TUCP Request, Hydrologic Conditions, and Water Use Reduction Measures.
     B. Drought Barriers – Update on Location of Barriers, Water Quality Impacts, and Potential Agreement to Mitigate Water Supply and Quality Impacts.
     C. Delta Dry-Year Response Plan – Update on Joint Effort with CDWA/SDWA to Develop a Financial Incentive Pilot Program in 2022 for Farmer Implementation of Voluntary Water Use Reduction Measures.

 8. Delta Activities Report
     Melinda Terry, Manager
     A. SWRCB/Delta Watermaster – Update on Water Quality, Water Rights, Water Use Reporting and Other Activities.
     B. Delta Habitat Projects – Update on Activities.
     C. Delta Conservancy Activities – Update on Activities.
     D. Delta Protection Commission (DPC) Activities – Update on Activities.
     E. Delta Stewardship Council (DSC) Activities –Update on Activities.

9. Public Comments

10. Closed Session
         Pursuant to Government Code section 54956.9, the Board will meet in Closed Session with legal counsel to discuss the following items:
          i. Litigation regarding WaterFix Environmental Impact Report under CEQA. (Gov. Code 54956.9(d)(1)).

          ii. Initiation of litigation pursuant to paragraph (4) of subdivision (d) of Government Code Section 54956.9 (three cases).

11. Closed Session Report
     A. Reconvene Open Session and Provide Summary of Any Reportable Action Taken by the Board in Closed Session.

12. Announcements

13. Adjournment

December 1, 2021 

NDWA Regular Board Meeting Agenda