Nov 9        Deadline for public to provide input to SWRCB on potential Phase II Bay-Delta Plan implementation measures

Nov 16      CDFW meeting on Draft Delta Conservation Framework, Jean Harvie Center, Walnut Grove, 6:00-8:00 pm

Nov 17       Deadline to comment on Draft Delta Conservation Framework

Nov 26     Conservancy meeting on Delta signage, Big Break Park, Oakley, 3:00-5:00 pm

Nov 30     Public hearing on WaterFix financial concerns, Jean Harvie Center, 14273 River Rd, Walnut Grove, 10:00 am-Noon

Dec 6         NDWA board of directors meeting, 14120 Grand Ave., Walnut Grove

Dec 12       Conservancy meeting on Delta signage needs, Walnut Grove Library, 5:00-7:00 pm

Dec 14       DSC hearing on Delta Plan Amendments Draft EIR, 1110 W. Capitol Ave., West Sacramento, 4:00-7:00 pm

Dec 18       Deadline to comment on Delta Plan Amendments Draft EIR, 5:00 pm


lease see attached agenda 

WaterFix Construction Animation - DWR has posted 4 videos on YouTube of WaterFix project construction animation that show site preparation and construction activities involved in building intakes, tunnels, new Hwy. 160, barge facilities, and deep tunnel shafts.

Status of WaterFix Project -  In accordance with State CEQA laws, DWR certified the WaterFix Final EIR On July 21, 2017 with Statement of Overriding Considerations (unmitigated significant impacts) and Mitigation Monitoring Program, and submitted Notice of Determination to State Clearinghouse.  Despite previous announcement by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) to approve Record of Decision (ROD) for WaterFix one week after DWR certified EIR, the USBR has not yet approved the ROD and not given any update on when it plans to do so.  Several CEQA lawsuits were filed by local agencies and environmental organizations against the WaterFix EIR.  The NDWA is not opposed to the project, but has filed a CEQA lawsuit and a protest of the change of diversion petition in order to ensure the project is designed an operated in a manner that ensures the water supply availability assurances and water quality criteria in the 1981 Contract with DWR are upheld.  In addition, biological opinions were also released by NMFS and USFWS, with 2081 Incidental Take Permit being issued by CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) claiming WaterFix Project would not cause injury to fish or wildlife.  Environmental organizationimmediately filed lawsuits against the BiOps, followed by another coalition of environmental groups and the California Indian Water Commission filing a separate lawsuit against a validation action to authorize DWR to sell revenue bonds to finance the project.  Additional permit approvals are still required from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, SWRCB, and other agencie, and California law (CWC Sec. 85088) requires approval of a change of diversion petition by the SWRCB  (see info on Petition Hearings below) before construction of WaterFix can begin.  Waterfix is currently at a "conceptual" 10% level of design, which is acknowledged in the first of three white papers by Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) to inform their board of directors before vote on project in September.

WaterFix Petition Hearings - The SWRCB announced schedule of Part 2 of the WaterFix change of diversion petition hearings, with policy statements followed by testimony starting on January 18, 2018, preceded by a pre-hearing conference on October 19, 2017 that will discuss procedural matters only.  Part 2 will exclusively focus on whether the WaterFix project will unreasonably affect fish and wildlife and recreational uses, including whether project will alter water quality in a manner detrimental to these uses.  Part 2 will also consider imposing appropriate Delta flow criteria.  Part 1 of the hearings focused on injury to legal water users is now closed.  All of the rulings by hearing officers responding to various motions submitted by  DWR and entities protesting WaterFix change of diversion and project and other hearing-related documents are available on SWRCB's website.  The WaterFix hearing can be watched live on the internet, with each hearing posted  afterwards in case you want to watch later, and a synopsis of the Part 1 hearings written by Downey Brand.  To attend in person, the hearings are at CALEPA, 1001-I St., in downtown Sacramento.


  • State Audit of WaterFix Project Released - Pursuant  to a 2016 request from State Legislators,  the California State Auditor released a report exposing deficiencies in WaterFix project program management and describing significant cost increases and delays.
  • Congressional Oversight Hearing & GAO Investigation of WaterFix Funding Requested - On September 13, 2017, members of Congress representing the Delta sent a letter to the Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee requesting he schedule an oversight hearing for testimony regarding a report by the Department of Interior's Inspector General exposing the misuse of federal taxpayer funds by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to subsidize CVP water contractors for costs of developing planning documents for the BDCP/WaterFix project without disclosing to Congress or the public. More recently, six Congressional members also requested an investigation of WaterFix funding by the federal Government Accountability Office (GAO).
  • Congressman McNerney Proposes Delta Alternative to WaterFix - Delta Representative Jerry McNerney has introduced legislation in Congress proposing the funding of a comprehensive suite of water supply and conservation projects as an alternative to the CA WaterFix twin tunnels project being promoted by Governor Brown.
  • Delta Elected Officials Respond to WaterFix Biological Opinions - In response to release of biological opinions by federal fish and wildlife agencies (USFWS and NMFS) claiming the WaterFix project will not cause jeopardy of endangered species, six Delta Congressional members issued a statement criticizing the BiOps and opposing the WaterFix project as currently proposed.   Assemblyman Jim Frazier also condemned the no jeopardy conclusion in WaterFix BiOps.
  • Delta Congressional Delegation Introduces ​National Heritage Area Designation Legislation  - Delta Congressmen Garamendi and McNerney jointly introducedH.R. 1738 as a companion bill to S. 731 jointly sponsored by Senators Feinstein and Harris to establish the Delta as a National Heritage Area.  S. 731 passed out of the Senate  Energy & Natural Resources  Committee last week.  The national designation would come with $10 million in federal funding over 15 years to assist the implementation of a locally developed management plan.
  • Delta Pumping Approved by President Obama - Controversial language allowing increased amounts of water be exported from the Delta by existing CVP/SWP pumps was inserted into a popular federal infrastructure bill that authorizes levee construction in the Sacramento Valley, and approved by Congress and signed into law by President Obama.
  • Expedite Delta WQCP Update - A coalition of state legislators representing the Delta and Bay Area sent a letter to State Water Resources Control Board  requesting they expedite completion of establishing new flow standards  in the update of the Bay-Delta water quality control plan (D-1641) .
  • Senator Wolk Hearing on WaterFix - The video of a 2016 Select Committee on the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, chaired by Senator Lois Wolk, includes CA Natural Resources Secretary John Laird acknowledging that the WaterFix project won't move ahead unless it pencils out fiscally for water districts that would receive benefit.    


  • Interim Report on Delta Consumptive Water Use Released - The UC Davis Center for Watershed Science released an interim study commissioned by the Delta Watermaster on measuring consumptive water use in the Delta.   Research teams evaluated crop evapotranspiration (direct evaporation and plant transpiration) which could be used in future discussions and actions related to administration of water rights, water project management, agricultural irrigation management, and environmental and water quality protection.
  • Delta Tourism Website Launched - A joint venture by the Delta Conservancy and Delta Protection Commission has resulted in a new website, VisitCaDelta.com, to promote  tourism in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.
  • Water Measurement Compliance Guide Available - To provide assistance to water users required to comply with new water measurement and reporting requirements, the CA Farm Bureau Federation has developed a guidance document that is available at local farm bureau offices.
  • Seattle's Tunneling Machine Reaches Target - After four years of delays due to equipment repairs and a labor strike, video shows the "Big Bertha" tunneling machine  reaching end of its 2-mile long journey.  A double-deck highway will be constructed inside and opened to Seattle drivers in 2019.
  • Court Allows Property Access for WaterFix, With Conditions - Despite landowners claiming State's proposed use of their land is an unconstitutional taking of their private property without fair compensation, the WaterFix twin tunnels project was provided partial victory by CA State Supreme Court.  Decision issued on July 21, 2016 approved the Department of Water Resources proceeding with these preliminary engineering associated with construction of the WaterFix tunnel project, but gave property owners new rights than they had under existing law.  Assemblyman Jim Frazier (D-Oakley) and Restore the Delta both issued press statements regarding the ruling.
  • MWD Delta Island Purchase Completed - After State Supreme Court ruled against legal appeals by Delta stakeholders, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern CA finalized purchase of five islands and became owners of approximately 20,000 acres in the Delta.  NDWA received notification from legal counsel of prior landowner, Delta Wetlands, that they were abandoning their water storage project and cancelling all related water rights applications pending at the SWRCB.
  • Governor Enlists Help on WaterFix - Gov. Brown has tapped former U.S. Interior SecretaryBruce Babbitt to assist in facilitating approval of permits needed for the WaterFix twin tunnels project to move ahead to construction.
  • Delta Plan Declared Invalid -  Judge's clarification ruling on June 24, 2016 declares the entire Delta Plan approved by the Delta Stewardship Council in 2013, and associated EIR, are invalid and must be shelved until revisions are made in accordance with Delta Reform Act statutes to include quantifiable (numeric) targets for certain components, such as reducing reliance on the Delta.  DSC's initial declaration of victory in May was therefore premature, and Restore the Delta's claim that original court ruling was a "bullet to the heart" was more accurate.  Now DSC must go back to the drawing board to re-draft the plan and EIR.
  • NDWA Water Quality - The most recent  water quality charts include compliance with the NDWA 1981 Contract criteria through May based on the April 1, 2016 Bulletin 120 forecast.
  • Science Review of WaterFix - Pursuant to request from NOAA, an independent science panel recently issued a final report regarding their peer review of the aquatic science CA WaterFix proposes for federal and state fish/wildlife agencies to develop Biological Opinions and Incidental Take Permits.  Remarks from panel discussion of Part 1 and Part 2 available.
  • Delta Water Operations - Representatives from State Water Project, Northern CA Water Assoc., and the San Luis-Delta Mendota Authority provided their views on2016 water operations  to the Delta Stewardship Council .
  • Delta Water Quality Standards - A large coalition of Delta and environmental organizations submitted letters to the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) and U.S. EPA urging the federal government to step in and update the Delta water quality standards (D-1641) by 2017.  A coalition of conservation groups also filed lawsuit against U.S. EPA for failing to protect water quality in the San Francisco Bay-Delta.
  • Congressional Investigation of Westlands - Congressman Jared Huffman has requested an investigation of two items: 1) a recent drainage settlement agreement between Westlands Water District (WWD) and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) that would waive funding debt and environmental responsibilities for WWD; and 2) a Securities Exchange Commission fine issued against WWD for improperly stating financial assets in two bond sales.
  • Inspector General Investigation of WaterFix Funding - In response to a complaint filed by an anonymous federal employee through the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, an investigation of possible illegal use of federal funding by the State of California for the WaterFix project has been initiated by an Inspector General with the U.S. Interior Department.
  • BDCP/WaterFix Permitting Process -  On October 7, 2016 DWR announced it submitted application for an Incidental Take Permit from the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife for the operation of the WaterFix project, which follows the submission of a Draft Biological Assessment to federal fish agencies explaining how the WaterFix twin tunnels project will avoid killing or harming endangered species.  Pursuant to the new schedule for the WaterFix petition hearings, Part 1A begins with DWR/USBR submitting their testimony and evidence (case in chief) by noon on May 31, 2016 and oral presentations starting on July 26, 2016, including policy statements by parties.  Entities that are protesting the petition in Part 1B, such as NDWA, are required to submit testimony and evidence by noon on September 1, 2016 and present oral testimony on October 20, 2016.   A science panel is separately conducting an independent peer review of the WaterFix Biological Assessment in a two-day public meeting.   The BDCP/WaterFix informational webpage is where all hearing testimony/evidence and notices can be found. due on April 6, 2016

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